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(pronounced De-NAH-Ri)
Earth Mother
Lesser Deity
The faith of Dennari is a mystery cult that is not associated with a larger pantheon. Thus, her cult can easily be added to any existing campaign.

Dennari is an earth-mother deity of dwarven origin, yet she has found a surprising popularity among poor and oppressed people of many races. Like other earth goddesses, Dennari represents agriculture and fertility, but these aspects are not as important as her association with the earth proper and its fruits.

Dennari's mythology centers around her many children, who wickedly imprisoned and tortured the goddess. She rose up and overcame her captors, becoming a symbol of strength and role model for those seeking to fight oppressors. As such, her faith has become a symbol for the strength of oppressed peoples.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

The faith of Dennari is concerned greatly with the sufferings of oppressed people. Her clerics believe that their faith can give meaning to the trials of these people and all who groan under heavy burdens.

Oppressive governments generally frown on Dennari worship. They often persecute her clerics and lay followers, who hold secret meetings in cavern shrines and private homes.

While preferring to engage in peaceful protests, clerics are not against using force when necessary, especially when backed into a corner. Like the roots of a tree, they tend to grow around an obstacles, but will force their ways through when necessary. They preach that Dennari's followers should fight oppression, just as their deity did.


Dennari Clerics wear simple brown robes with a rope belt. In areas where Dennari worshipers are hunted and arrested, priest wear the garb of the peasants they represent. When needed, they carry a weapon for protection, typically a war hammer.


Temples of Dennari tend to be located near agricultural and poor communities. They are often simple wooden structures, containing an offering bowl near the entrance, rows of benches and chairs, and an engaved wooden altar. In communities where the government shuns Dennari, worshipers tend to meet in hidden and improvised locations, such as backrooms and private homes.


Praise Dennari, the giving earth mother. Tortured at the hands of her many children, she has risen and overcome. Rise up, children, and overcome your own tormentors. Help those in need, and liberate the oppressed!

Appearance, Manifestations

Dennari appears as a full-bodied, muscular dwarven woman. Dwarves sometimes depict her with a long, flowing beard from which plants grow as if it were earth. Her nondwarven followers typically portray her as beardless.

Relationships & History

As Dennari is not part of any larger pantheon, she does not have any set relationships. It can be assumed that she aligns with other deities that share her views, and is enemies of opposing deities.
Quick Descriptions:
Dennari is a full-bodied, muscular dwarven woman with long dark hair, with leaves and branches growing throughout.
Dennari's temple is a simple wooden structure, similar to the other buildings in this poor district. Inside, near the door, is a small and locked offering chest with a slit in the top for donations. You notice a chain is wrapped around the handle and locked to a ring on the wall. Rows of simple wooden benches fill the room, with an aisle down the middle. Near the back is a wooden altar with torches on the wall.
Dennari's priest is a fit human male, with strong shoulders and calloused hands. He has short and wavy blonde hair, and a day's stubble on his face. He is wearing a simple brown robe with a rope belt.
The Symbol of Dennari - Warhammer with leaves sprouting from handle
Symbol: Warhammer with leaves sprouting from handle
God Alignment: CG
Worshipers Alignment
Chaos, Earth, Good, Plant
Earth, liberation, suffering
Dwarves, the oppressed, poor people, farmers, peasants
Plane: Material Plane
Weapon: Warhammer
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