Harvesting & Loot


The rutterkin is a 6-foot tall, disfigured humanoid with mottled green and blue-violet skin, often riddled with lumps and tumors. It is completely hairless, with a rare patch or two of uncomfortable-looking wiry bristles. It has elongated skulls, and tiny, red eyes swollen with vicious hatred.

Each rutterkin is deformed in its own unique way — often having an asymmetrical body and disproportioned limbs. Most are hunched and howl in pain as its body continues to warp and contort at random. Sometimes, it is so badly mangled that an arm no longer functions or its already staggering or limping gait would be even worse.

AC: 12           HP: 37
CR: 2           Size: M

Harvesting Note: Demons slain on the Material Plane dissolves into a foul ichor, and return to the abyss. To properly harvest a demon, they must be killed in the Abyss.
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