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Magic Items : Other Jewelry & Gems : Brooch of Number Numbing

Brooch of Number Numbing

This silver or golden brooch (15% are set with jewels) is used to fasten a cloak or a cape. It magically clouds the mind of anyone conversing with the wearer of the brooch, with the confusion applying only to numbers.

The brooch must be in plain sight to have any effect. Anyone conversing with someone wearing the brooch is allowed a saving throw vs. spell to avoid the effects.

If the save is failed, the victim falls under the brooch's special enchantment. The victim forgets the relative value of numbers. He cannot remember if five is greater than three or if tens are smaller than hundreds. Further, the victim does not recognize his inability to remember the values of numbers. While under the influence of the brooch, the victim thinks that all numbers are pretty much the same. He will accept any claim pertaining to numbers and accept almost any financial deal set before him.

The victim remembers the relative values of coins (that gold pieces are worth more than silver pieces), but not their exact conversions. Thus, the victim is unable to remember whether two silver pieces or 100 silver pieces are equal to one gold piece.

The enchantment lasts only as long as the wearer is present and for 2d6 rounds thereafter. Once the effect wears off, the victim regains his normal understanding of numbers. Furthermore, he remembers exactly what he did and said while under the influence of the brooch, although he may not be aware of the cause.

XPValue: 4000

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