D&D Magic Items Table G
Magic Item Tables

Magic Items Table G

Magic Item Table G
As defined in the Dungeon Masters Guide, page 147.

d100Magic Item
01-11Weapon, +2
12-14Figurine of Wondrous Power (roll d8)
1: Bronze Griffon
2: Ebony Fly
3: Golden Lions
4: Ivory Goats
5: Marble Elephant
6-7: Onyx Dog
8: Serpentine Owl
15Adamantine armor (breastplate)
16Adamantine armor (splint)
17Amulet of Health
18Armor of Vulnerability
19Arrow-Catching Shield
20Belt of Dwarvenkind
21Belt of Hill Giant Strength
22Berserker Axe
23Boots of Levitation
24Boots of Speed
25Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals
26Bracers of Defense
27Brazier of Commanding Fire Elementals
28Cape of the Mountebank
29Censer of Controlling Air Elementals
30Armor +1 (chain mail)
31Armor of Resistance (chain mail)
32Armor of Resistance (chain shirt)
33Armor +1 (chain shirt)
34Cloak of Displacement
35Cloak of the Bat
36Cube of Force
37Daern's Instant Fortress
38Dagger of Venom
39Dimensional Shackles
40Dragon Slayer
41Elven Chain
42Flame Tongue
43Gem of Seeing
44Giant Slayer
45Glamoured Studded Leather
46Helm of Teleportation
47Horn of Blasting
48Horn of Valhalla (roll d100)
01-40: Horn of Valhalla, Silver
41-75: Horn of Valhalla, Brass
76-90: Horn of Valhalla, Bronze
91-00: Horn of Valhalla, Iron
49Instrument of the Bards (Canaith Mandolin)
50Instrument of the Bards (Cii Lyre)
51Ioun Stone (Awareness)
52Ioun Stone (Protection)
53Ioun Stone (Reserve)
54Ioun Stone (Sustenance)
55Iron Bands of Bilarro
56Armor +1, leather
57Armor of Resistance (leather)
58Mace of Disruption
59Mace of Smiting
60Mace of Terror
61Mantle of Spell Resistance
62Necklace of Prayer Beads
63Periapt of Proof Against Poison
64Ring of Animal Influence
65Ring of Evasion
66Ring of Feather Falling
67Ring of Free Action
68Ring of Protection
69Ring of Resistance
70Ring of Spell Storing
71Ring of the Ram
72Ring of X-ray Vision
73Robe of Eyes
74Rod of Rulership
75Rod of the Pact Keeper, +2
76Rope of Entanglement
77Armor +1 (scale mail)
78Armor of Resistance (scale mail)
79Shield +2
80Shield of Missile Attraction
81Staff of Charming
82Staff of Healing
83Staff of Swarming Insects
84Staff of the Woodlands
85Staff of Withering
86Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals
87Sun Blade
88Sword of Life Stealing
89Sword of Wounding
90Tentacle Rod
91Vicious Weapon
92Wand of Binding
93Wand of Enemy Detection
94Wand of Fear
95Wand of Fireballs
96Wand of Lightning Bolts
97Wand of Paralysis
98Wand of the War Mage +2
99Wand of Wonder
100Wings of Flying
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