D&D Magic Items Table H
Magic Item Tables

Magic Items Table H

Random Roll: d100 = 42

Magic Item Table H
As defined in the Dungeon Masters Guide, page 148.

d100Magic Item
01-10Weapon +3
11-12Amulet of the Planes
13-14Carpet of Flying
15-16Crystal Ball (very rare version)
17-18Ring of Regeneration
19-20Ring of Shooting Stars
21-22Ring of Telekinesis
23-24Robe of Scintillating Colors
25-26Robe of Stars
27-28Rod of Absorption
29-30Rod of Alertness
31-32Rod of Security
33-34Rod of the Pact Keeper +3
35-36Scimitar of Speed
37-38Shield +3
39-40Staff of Fire
41-42Staff of Frost
43-44Staff of Power
45-46Staff of Striking
47-48Staff of Thunder and Lightning
49-50Sword of Sharpness
51-52Wand of Polymorph
53-54Wand of the War Mage +3
55Adamantine armor (half plate)
56Adamantine armor (plate)
57Animated shield
58Belt of Fire Giant Strength
59Belt of Frost/Stone Giant Strength (roll d6)
1-3: Belt of Frost Giant Strength
4-6: Belt of Stone Giant Strength
60Armor +1, breastplate
61Armor of Resistance (breastplate)
62Candle of Invocation
63Armor +2, chain mail
64Armor +2, chain shirt
65Cloak of Arachnida
66Dancing Sword
67Demon Armor
68Dragon Scale Mail
69Dwarven Plate
70Dwarven Thrower
71Efreeti Bottle
72Figurine of Wondrous Power (obsidian steed)
73Frost Brand
74Helm of Brilliance
75Horn of Valhalla (bronze)
76Instrument of the Bards (Anstruth Harp)
77Ioun Stone (Absorption)
78Ioun Stone (Agility)
79Ioun Stone (Fortitude)
80Ioun Stone (Insight)
81Ioun Stone (Intellect)
82Ioun Stone (Leadership)
83Ioun Stone (Strength)
84Armor +2 (leather)
85Manual of Bodily Health
86Manual of Gainful Exercise
87Manual of Golems
88Manual of Quickness of Action
89Mirror of Life Trapping
90Nine Lives Stealer
92Armor +2 (scale mail)
93Spellguard Shield
94Armor +1 (splint)
95Armor of Resistance (splint)
96Armor +1 (studded leather)
97Armor of Resistance (studded leather)
98Tome of Clear Thought
99Tome of Leadership and Influence
100Tome of Understanding
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