D&D Magic Items Table I
Magic Item Tables

Magic Items Table I

Armor +3 (chain mail)
Random Roll: d100 = 46

Magic Item Table I
As defined in the Dungeon Masters Guide, page 149.

d100Magic Item
06-10Hammer of Thunderbolts
11-15Luck Blade
16-20Sword of Answering
21-23Holy Avenger
24-26Ring of Djinni Summoning
27-29Ring of Invisibility
30-32Ring of Spell Turning
33-35Rod of Lordly Might
36-38Staff of the Magi
39-41Vorpal Sword
42-43Belt of Cloud Giant Strength
44-45Armor +2 (breastplate)
46-47Armor +3 (chain mail)
48-49Armor +3 (chain shirt)
50-51Cloak of Invisibility
52-53Crystal Ball (legendary version)
1-2: Crystal Ball of Mind Reading
3-4: Crystal Ball of Telepathy
5-6: Crystal Ball of True Seeing
54-55Armor +1 (half plate)
56-57Iron Flask
58-59Armor +3 (leather)
60-61Armor +1 (plate)
62-63Robe of the Archmagi
64-65Rod of Resurrection
66-67Armor +1, scale mail
68-69Scarab of Protection
70-71Armor +2 (splint)
72-73Armor +2 (studded leather)
74-75Well of Many Worlds
76Magic armor (roll d12)
1-2: Armor +2 (half plate)
3-4: Armor +2 (plate)
5-6: Armor +3 (studded leather)
7-8: Armor +3 (breastplate)
9-10: Armor +3 (splint)
11: Armor +3 (half plate)
12: Armor +3 (plate)
77Apparatus of Kwalish
78Armor of Invulnerability
79Belt of Storm Giant Strength
80Cubic Gate
81Deck of Many Things
82Efreeti Chain
83Armor of Resistance (half plate)
84Horn of Valhalla (iron)
85Instrument of the Bards (Ollamh Harp)
86Ioun Stone (Greater Absorption)
87Ioun Stone (Mastery)
88Ioun Stone (Regeneration)
89Plate Armor of Etherealness
90Armor of Resistance (plate)
91Ring of Air Elemental Command
92Ring of Earth Elemental Command
93Ring of Fire Elemental Command
94Ring of Three Wishes
95Ring of Water Elemental Command
96Sphere of Annihilation
97Talisman of Pure Good
98Talisman of the Sphere
99Talisman of Ultimate Evil
100Tome of the Stilled Tongue
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