Magic Item

Ioun Stone (Protection)

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

Estimated Value (Sane Cost Guide): 1,200 gp
DMG Value: 501 gp - 5,000 gp

The Regneration Ioun Stone is a dusty rose prism. You can use an action to toss this stone into the air, it orbits your head at a distance of 1d3 feet. While this stone orbits your head, you gain a +1 bonus to AC. Another creature can use an action to grasp or snare the stone to separate it from you, either by making a successful attack roll against AC 24 or a successful DC 24 Dexterity (Acrobatics) check. You can use an action to seize and stow the stone, ending its effect.

A stone has AC 24, 10 hit points, and resistance to all damage. It is considered to be an object that is being worn while it orbits your head.

Source: DMG p176

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