Magic Item

Hutijin's Harp

Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement by a bard)

Weight: 6 lb.
Estimated Value (Sane Cost Guide): 160,000 gp
DMG Value: 50,001+ gp

This is an unofficial homebrew magic item. It is up to the DM if they wish to allow the item to be used in a campaign.

Hutijin's Harp is a powerful magic item that can only be obtained by killing the pit fiend Hutijin and harvesting its larynx. To create this instrument, the vocal cords must carefully be extracted from the voice box. They are then stretched, treated and dried, to create taught magical strings. The strings are then added to an ornate and magically created harp frame, made of either silver or gold.

A creature that attempts to play the instrument without being attuned to it must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or take 2d4 psychic damage.

While holding the instrument, you have resistance to fire damage. In addition, you can use an action to play the instrument and cast one of the following spells:

  • Darkness
  • Fear
  • Flame Arrows
  • Wall of Fire
Once the instrument has been used to cast a spell, it can't be used to cast that spell again until the next dawn. The spells use your spellcasting ability and spell save DC.

Note: Hutijin's Harp is a powerful magic item, that should only be given to powerful characters. As such, this charm should only be awarded to a high level party that has defeated the powerful devil Hutijin.

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