Magic Item

Mind Crystal, Heightened

Wondrous item, rare

Weight: ½ lb.
Estimated Value (Sane Cost Guide): 600 gp
DMG Value: 501 gp - 5,000 gp

A mind crystal contains sorcerous potential, allowing a user to apply Metamagic to a spell as you cast it. For the non-sorcerers among us, Metamagic allows you to tweak and alter a spell to better suit your needs, such as extending its duration or increasing its range. While Metamagic is a sorcerer class feature that needs sorcery points to use, mind crystals are single-use items that can be used by anyone who can cast a spell.

A quickened mind crystal changes a spell's casting time from an action to a bonus action. You must still abide by all other rules about how many leveled spells you can cast in one turn, but a quickened spell frees up your action to defend yourself or assist allies. Take the Dash action to get into range of a fight, for example. Or if you’re in danger but need to cast a spell to help your allies, take the Dodge action and quicken that mass cure wounds. Or simply drink a potion before returning to your regularly scheduled fireball.

Spell suggestions: cure wounds, dimension door, haste, hold person, mass cure wounds

FAQ: Mind Crystals

Can I use a mind crystal on spells with any casting time?
No. Mind crystals can only be used on spells with a casting time of 1 action.

Can I use more than one mind crystal on the same spell? Or if I'm a sorcerer, can I use a mind crystal and my own Metamagic on the same spell?
No. Spells can only be bent so far before they break; one Metamagic only, please. Sorcerers can apply Empowered Spell or Seeking Spell to a spell already modified by Metamagic, but that exception doesn’t apply to mind crystals. (Look what they need to mimic a fraction of your power.)

If the spell fails, is the mind crystal's magic consumed?
Yes. Spell failure doesn’t mean you didn’t spend the resources trying. Just ask disintegrate.

Source: Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk

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