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Forge Domain Deities

Forge Domain Deities

Forge Domain

The gods of the forge are patrons of artisans who work with metal, from a humble blacksmith who keeps a village in horseshoes and plow blades to the mighty elf artisan whose diamond-tipped arrows of mithral have felled demon lords. The gods of the forge teach that, with patience and hard work, even the most intractable metal can be transformed from a lump of ore to a beautifully wrought object. Clerics of these deities search for objects lost to the forces of darkness, liberate mines overrun by orcs, and uncover rare and wondrous materials necessary to create potent magic items. Followers of these gods take great pride in their work, and they are willing to craft and use heavy armor and powerful weapons to protect them. Deities of this domain include Gond, Moradin, and Hephaestus.

Note: We are currently adding custom images for every deity - but this will take time. We have completed the faerunian deities and are currently working on the Greyhawk deities (along with some major race's deities). Please be patient. There are still TONS of information for all the listed deities.

Domain: Forge
Rank: L
Alignment: N
Portfolio: Labor, craft
Domains: Forge, Light, Craft
Worshipers: Gnomes, dwarves, humans
Pantheon: Greyhawk
Rank: I
Alignment: N
Portfolio: Artifice, craft, construction, smithwork
Domains: Forge, Craft, Earth, Fire, Knowledge, Metal, Planning
Worshipers: Blacksmith, crafters, engineers, gnomes, inventors, lantanese, woodworkers
Pantheon: Faerûn
Rank: I
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: Smithing, crafts
Domains: Forge, Knowledge, Community, Earth, Fire, Good
Worshipers: Dwarves, gnomes, artisans, fighters
Pantheon: Olympian
Rank: G
Alignment: LG
Portfolio: Dwarves, creation, smithing, engineering, metalcraft, stonework, war
Domains: Forge, Knowledge, Craft, Dwarf, Earth, Good, Law, Protection
Worshipers: Dwarves, metalworkers, dwarven defenders, engineers, fighters, miners, smiths
Pantheon: Dwarven
Ranks: Greater[G], Intermediate[I], Lesser[L], Demigod[D]
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