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Arcana Domain Deities - D&D Deities, Gods and Demigods

Arcana Domain Deities

Arcana Domain Deities

Arcana Domain

Magic is an energy that suffuses the multiverse and that fuels both destruction and creation. Gods of the Arcana domain know the secrets and potential of magic intimately. For some of these gods, magical knowledge is a great responsibility that comes with a special understanding of the nature of reality. Other gods of Arcana see magic as pure power, to be used as its wielder sees fit.

The gods of this domain are often associated with knowledge, as learning and arcane power tend to go hand-in-hand. In the Realms, deities of this domain include Azuth and Mystra, as well as Corellon Larethian of the elven pantheon. In other worlds, this domain includes Hecate and Isis; and Boccob, Vecna, and Wee Jas of Greyhawk.

Note: We are currently adding custom images for every deity - but this will take time. We have completed the faerunian deities and are currently working on the Greyhawk deities (along with some major race's deities). Please be patient. There are still TONS of information for all the listed deities.

Domain: Arcana
Rank: L
Alignment: LN
Portfolio: Wizards, mages, spellcasters, monks
Domains: Arcana, Illusion, Knowledge, Magic, Law, Spell
Worshipers: Philosophers, sages, sorcerers, wizards
Pantheon: Faerûn
Rank: G
Alignment: N
Portfolio: Magic, arcane knowledge, foresight, balance
Domains: Arcana, Knowledge, Magic
Worshipers: Wizards, sorcerers, illusionists, philosophers, sages
Pantheon: Greyhawk
Rank: G
Alignment: CG
Portfolio: Elves, magic, arts, crafts, music, war, sun elves, poetry, bards, warriors
Domains: Arcana, Chaos, Elf, Good, Magic, Protection
Worshipers: Elves, half-elves, bards, rangers, archane archers, fighters, warriors, fighters, good leaders, artisans, poets
Pantheon: Elven
Rank: I
Alignment: NE
Portfolio: Moon, magic, abundance, undead
Domains: Arcana, Creation, Evil, Magic
Worshipers: Wizards, sorcerers, assassins, hunters, rogues
Pantheon: Olympian
Rank: I
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: Weather, rivers, agriculture, love, marriage, good magic
Domains: Arcana, Family, Good, Magic, Storm, Water
Worshipers: Arcane spellcasters, druids, lovers, mothers
Pantheon: Pharaonic, Mulhorandi
Rank: G
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: Magic, spells, the Weave
Domains: Arcana, Good, Illusion, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Spell
Worshipers: Elves, half-elves, incantatrixes, mystic wanderers, sorcerers, spelldancers, spellcasters, spellfire channelers, wizards
Pantheon: Faerûn
Rank: L
Alignment: NE
Portfolio: Secrets, intrigue
Domains: Arcana, Death, Evil, Knowledge, Magic
Worshipers: Wizards, sorcerers, conspirators
Pantheon: Greyhawk
Rank: I
Alignment: LN
Portfolio: Death, magic, vanity, law
Domains: Arcana, Grave, Death, Order, Law, Magic
Worshipers: Necromancers, wizards
Pantheon: Greyhawk
Ranks: Greater[G], Intermediate[I], Lesser[L], Demigod[D]
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