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Lenient Town Laws
A short and simple list of lenient town laws. The laws of a small towns are rarely posted publically, as citizens know the laws already and outsiders/travelers are often rare. Most small towns preferred to weigh each crime individually, and subscribe an adequate punishment by the town's leader/council. The laws below can be used as a guideline for the town.

In addition, it is up to the DM to decide if the town officials will want to prosecute laws that affect the kingdom, like treason (many small towns are so removed from the kingdom, that they rarely know all the rules of their kingdom, or choose not to "get involved" in prosecuting crimes that don't affect them).

Town Laws

The malicious killing of another shall not be tolerated
500gp fine, paid to the victim's family. Repeat offenders: hard labor, 10 years.
The burning of property and goods endangers the entire community
100 gp fine, plus damages. Repeat offenders: fine and flogging, 25 lashes.
Brawls and rowdy behavior disrupt the peace
2 gp fine. Repeat offenders: fine and flogging, 10 lashes.
Damage to homes and property
2 gp fine plus the cost of repairs/replacement. Repeat offenders: fine and flogging, 10 lashes.
Taking property belonging to others
10 gp fine plus the value of any goods stolen. Repeat offenders: 50gp fine, and the stocks for 3 days.
Livestock/Horse Theft
Stealing horses and livestock from others
50 gp fine plus the value of the stolen animal. Repeat offenders: 100gp fine, and the stocks for 3 days.
Illegal Casting
The casting of spells to harm or influence others
Fine (varies, based on the repercussions), plus damages. Destructive and deadly spells are punishable by hard labor, minimum of 1 year.
If a fine can't be paid, additional time of indentured servitude will be added as punishent.

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