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Harsh Town Laws
A list of harsh town laws. Harsh laws are usually the result of a strict and oppressive ruler; or because the town has faced some recent turmoil that brought about the town's desire for such laws (for example, a town facing a drought, may have stricts laws on water use, consumption or theft). If you choose to use harsh laws, make sure your players are aware of these laws.

Town Laws

The malicious killing of another shall not be tolerated
Punishable by disembowlment.
Committing acts against the holy doctrine of Pelor
Suspicion: Public flogging, 20 lashes. Witnessed: 50 lashes and burned at the stake.
The burning of property and goods endangers the entire community
Facial branding, and a 500 gp fine plus damages. Repeat offenders: Death by burning.
Brawls and rowdy behavior disrupt the peace
25 gp fine and a public beating. Repeat offenders: fine, 10 lashes and the stocks for 3 days.
Damage to homes and property
25 gp fine plus the cost of repairs/replacement, stocks for 3 days. Repeat offenders: Fine and flogging, 10 lashes, and stocks for 3 days.
Taking property belonging to others
100 gp fine plus the value of any goods stolen (additional penalties for high value theft). Repeat offenders: Loss of a hand.
Livestock/Horse Theft
Stealing horses and livestock from others
500 gp fine plus the value of the stolen animal, and 10 lashes. Repeat offenders: Hard labor for 1 year.
Illegal Casting
The casting of spells to harm or influence others
Fine (varies, based on the repercussions), plus damages, plus stocks for 5 days. Destructive and deadly spells are punishable death by burning.
If a fine can't be paid, additional time of hard labor will be added as punishent.

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